Kristen Kill
Kristen Kill

I'm visiting New York City- What should I do during my Trip? 

Check out this page for all of my favorite links to NYC sites neighborhoods and restaurants.

What tools do you use for calligraphy and lettering? 

How did you decide to homeschool?

We are still pretty surprised to be homeschooling, even with a daughter who will soon be Junior in high school! The product of public educators that we hold in the highest esteem, the decision to homeschool was difficult for us, but we decided to give it a shot because we loved the idea of spending lots of time with our kids in their formative years, giving them an education that was innovative, flexible to family travel, tailored to their unique learning styles and offered plenty of room for them to pursue personal interests that were both academic and extra curricular. Once we started, we found it suited us and our children well and so we've kept at it.

What curriculum do you use?

We don't use just one box curriculum, and what we use changes. Here's why: each of our children possess different learning strengths and struggles and have benefited from many different resources, so we focus on ways to ignite their own love of learning in each subject. Our educational philosophy is rooted in the works of Charlotte Mason. You can read more about her here. Our children use a variety of materials, and take lots of classes outside of our home and online. We don't know if we will homeschool forever, its a stewardship of faith and we take it a year at a time. Check out some of our favorite resources on this page if you are curious about how to get started, want to supplement what your child is doing in school or just love to learn!

How are you able to Homeschool Different Ages?  What do your days look like?


I have a passion to write a book someday, how do I begin?

Just write. Hone your craft. Love writing for the sake of writing. Read great writers. Apprentice yourself to great stories and storytellers. Let words swim in your heart until they become a part of you. Develop your own voice. The Slant Letter is a great place to start.

I want to begin a blog, should I use squarespace?

My vote is YES! Full disclosure, my husband is the director of Product and Platorm at Squarspace, but I've blogged on multiple platforms and have not found anything that comes close in comparison for usability, running a business, or design savvy. I always say its like switching from a PC to a Mac, where everything is clean, built in and easy to use. I don't have the time or expertise to help you set up a site or answer personal questions about your tech needs, but I highly recommend Outlaw Creative as a place to start. Or, check out the Squarespace tutorials at